cove-side-stout-smOUR MESSAGE TO THE WORLD

La Jolla is a community full of iconic landmarks, from the tide pools to Mount Soledad, Scripps Pier to Blacks Beach. For La Jolla Brewing Company (LJBC), we want to build upon the existing identity of La Jolla’s landmarks and pull in some of the cultural icons. Because of its ties to Prohibition, we chose to use Sunny Jim’s Cave, a hidden treasure only accessible by kayak or through a hidden underground staircase beneath The Cave Store. Only true La Jollans and some lucky outsiders know of the secret passage, which makes it a true community treasure. La Jolla Brewing Company is a natural extension of the community, where the adventurous and historical spirit of the town brings the beer to life.


Our mission is to bring La Jolla Brewing Company to a notable status among the many elite craft breweries in San Diego. With a fresh, thorough, and well-planned redesign, we intend to achieve and maintain a reputation for quality craft beer, food, wine and beverage selection, customer service, atmosphere, and management. The craft beer, food, and drink that we provide will meet the highest standards of quality, freshness, and seasonality. We will create a friendly, cooperative, and rewarding work environment that encourages long-term employment and provides opportunities for growth. With knowledge and expertise, we will keep LJBC exciting and on the cutting edge of the craft beer and hospitality industries.


As the premiere craft beer destination in La Jolla for La Jollans, LJBC will not only feature our own hand-crafted beer, it will also feature a 24 tap rotating selection of local San Diego County craft beers to keep La Jolla tastefully entertained. Our in-house beer selection will feature five signature styles, including Pale Ale, IPA, Pub Ale, Dry Stout, and Brown Ale. We also will create specialty and seasonal offerings to keep our selection fresh and exciting.


LJBC is meant to feel like your local neighborhood bar and restaurant where everyone is welcome to enjoy a cold beer and a good meal at the end of the day. It’s that really cool joint that only locals know of, much like many of the landmarks found in La Jolla. We want to create an environment that is relaxed yet exciting, comfortable and knowledgeable, welcoming and accessible. LJBC is a natural extension of La Jolla, as close to the people as the Neptune Cottages are to Sunny Jim Cave.


First and foremost, we believe in quality craft beer. This is made from knowledge and expertise gained from years of experience and experimentation. We love to teach and welcome other opinions into our brewery. This is shown through our commitment to the San Diego craft brew scene, and by sharing other local craft brews along with our own.